Chapter Leadership

Megan Commers

Collegiate Chapter President

Tri Delta has given me the most inspiring community of women that motivate me to strive to be my best self every day. I am honored to serve in this position and give back to the chapter that has become my home. I want everyone to remember that they are supported and that they are brave, bold, and kind.

Tiffany Chen

Vice President, Operations

As a member who didn’t go through formal recruitment, I love how welcoming Tri Delta is off the bat. The women in this organization have such a strong passion for each other and it’s hard to not reciprocate that love. In this position, I hope to become a better leader and role model that other women can follow, especially those interested in business.

Shiva Hashtpari

Vice President, Chapter Development and Programming

I love Tri Delta because it’s my home away from home and I love seeing my sisters on campus everyday. As VPCPD I want to accomplish a safe space within our chapter and make sure sisters are as comfortable as possible.

  • Email: usfcatridelta.vpcpd
  • Major: Politics
  • Minor: Legal Studies

Isabella Batula

Vice President, Community Relations

I love the way Delta Delta Delta sisters come together to empower each other as we develop, starting in our college years, moving into our adult lives and beyond. In my position, I hope to expand our chapter's connectivity with other organizations on campus as well as develop long lasting relations with other chapters nearby.

Kyla Dominique José

Vice President, Membership Experience

Tri Delta has allowed me to surround myself with women who support me, motivate me, and challenge me to always be better. In my position, I hope to make everyone's experience in Tri Delta unique and memorable.

Stephanie Soderlund

Director, Administration

I love getting to know so many amazing people and doing events to support St. Jude! As Director of Administration I hope to encourage member participation and keep the chapter organized.

Nicole Soerja

Director, Social Events

I love Tri Delta because of all the women in it who inspire me to be the best I can be rather than competing with me. As Director of Social Events, I want to plan fun events our sisters can get excited about to improve participation and give them opportunities to get to know each other better.

Josephine Tov

Director, Public Relations and Marketing

I am incredibly grateful to have been given the position of Director of PR and Marketing for this term! Having a background in design, I hope to make more of a lasting impression on campus and beyond. Tri Delta has given me forever friends and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything else. I love the girls and everything Tri Delta stands for and I'm so excited to help our chapter grow.

Rozelle Garcia

Director, Risk Management and Wellness

Tri Delta has brought so many wonderful women into my life and has provided me with a very supportive community to be a part of. With my position, I want to uphold the integrity and overall well-being of the chapter while also being a member who is supportive and caring.

Lily Manavi

Director, Lifetime Membership

I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to be serving as this year's Director of Lifetime Membership. Tri Delta has allowed me to be my true authentic self and has given me the most incredible community on campus that has pushed me to be Brave, Bold, and Kind. My goal this year is to make sure that all of our sisters can connect not only to one another, but to our Alumnae sisters within San Francisco who can mentor them and lead the way into helping sisters seek internships, jobs, and anything else that they may need.

Karen Gomez-Perez

Director, New Member Experience

I love the bonds that I have created with my sisters in Tri Delta. They inspire me to be a better person everyday. As Director of First Year Experience, I hope to inspire the new members in realizing that they too have a home in Tri Delta.

Elaine Pun

Director, Member Selection

The sisterhood is something that is incomparable! As Director of Membership Selection, I hope to educate my sisters in a fun-loving way leading to a successful recruitment weekend.

Katerina Fargas

Director, Ceremonies and Ritual

I love the sisters and the feeling of family within this sisterhood. I hope to make initiation a memorable experience for the new members.

Eileen Bailes

Director, Financial Operations

I love that I’ve gotten to meet so many girls that I wouldn’t have met otherwise! I want to help keep our chapter organized so that we can make the chapter the best it can be!

Emily Vasquez

Director, Academic Excellence

I love that Tri Delta is a community that strives for inclusions and community with all of the members in Tri Delta. Even an introvert like me can feel included in this community easily. I want to give members a space where they can go and focus on their academic throughout the week that can also foster sisterhood.

Natalie Turgeman

Director, Recruitment Events

I love the amazing people Tri Delta has brought into my life! I can’t wait to have the best recruitment for our chapter so far!

Alexandra Holbrook

Director, Philanthropy

I love all of the women who are constantly determined and devoted to making this chapter thrive and grow. They are kind and supportive to everyone. In my position I hope to get the chapter more involved and more connected to our Philanthropy whether it’s through fundraisers, events or just weekly reminders like patient spotlights.

Francesca Lee

Director, Member Finance

I love that Tri Delta is very inclusive to all and that we accept one another for we are. With my position I want to make the conversation of money between the members be easier and I hope that I can make sure that all payments are made on time and are accounted for.

  • Major: Accounting